kumiko planer tool

Many tools are used for cutting, scraping, splitting, bucking, striking and assembling the wood pieces.
Kumiko is carried out by experienced craftsmen using hand tools and machines.

kumiko planer tool

The plane is one of the most important tools for Kumiko

Besides the well known carpenter’s plane, our craftsmen design and use many other kinds of specially made planes.

kumiko  chisel tool

Our craftsmen are not wood carvers

Although cranes and pine trees are popular subjects for wood sculpture, our craftsmen do not carve these forms, but by using a borer to make holes and curved surfaces, fine detail is achieved.

kumiko wood machine

40 year old machines still in use

There are more than sixty machines in our factory, including some that are 40 years old, as well as modern digitally controlled equipment. Although most Kumiko components are processed by hand, the use of machines speeds up production, enabling prompt delivery to customers.

polish craftsman traditional

Sharp cutting edges are essential

To ensure high quality workmanship, our craftsmen start by sharpening cutting edges and machine blades. Taking care of polishing planes and borers, our craftsmen spend a great deal of time maintaining the blades on all the machines.

kumiko nail tool

Temporary use of nails

Nails are never used in the assembly of Kumiko, except to support joints or hold material in place temporarily small 1 or 2cm nails are used to allow the work to proceed efficiently and to save time.