Frequently Asked Questions

Special Order Products

Is it possible to order products with larger dimensions than that which are stated on the website?

It is possible to manufacture products in sizes larger than the standard size. However, both availability and possibility will vary depending on the size that you desire. Please ask for a quote for more information.

Can you paint the products before sending them?

Since Kumiko products are very finely crafted, we do not provide coloring services. Only a clear urethane coating is available.

Are the Kumiko delivered unpainted & uncoated?

They are shipped unpainted unless we have a special request. We recommend not painting them and using the products as is for best results. We recommend clear coating for areas where stains are a concern, such as kitchens in restaurants and around water. You can coat them yourself by using a hand stain inhabitor for the frame.

Can they be used outdoors?

This product is intended to be used indoors, and may be damaged if used outdoors.

Delivery Time

What is the current estimated delivery time?

For overseas deliveries, please allow up to 50 days for shipment after making your order.

Small-Sized Kumiko (Mini Kumiko)

Is it possible to order the small-sized Kumiko (Mini Kumiko)?

Unfortunately the small-sized Kumiko (Mini Kumiko) is primarily made only to be used as a sample for large size panels.


Can you introduce me to distributors outside Japan?

Yes, we can. Please contact us directly through the inquiry form.

Order and Payment

Can I pay by credit card?

You can use PayPal to pay by credit card.


Do you ship overseas by air?

We mainly ship by air. If the order quantity is large, we can also provide an estimate for shipping by sea.

How long does it take to ship a product overseas?

The shipping dates will vary depending on the destination. Airmail takes about 5 to 7 days, and sea mail takes about 3 to 4 weeks.

Can you ship overseas directly?

If the recipient is a corporation, direct shipment is possible. However, you will need to pay local customs duties, consumption taxes, and other expenses in addition to the shipping fee.


Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust off of the Kumiko?

If you use a vacuum cleaner, it may damage the braided cleats. Please remove the dust by blowing air on it to blow the dust away. In addition to the suction function, some modern vacuum cleaners also have an air blowing function. With this function, you can blow away the dust all at once.
Please refer to our website for other methods.

Factory Tours

Can I visit the factory to see the Kumiko being made?

We are currently only offering factory tours for groups of 10 people or more. Please contact us beforehand using the inquiry form, as the schedule needs to be adjusted in advance.