Award Winning Record

iF Design Award Gold Medal

iF Design Award Gold tanihata

iF Design Award Gold kumiko
iF Design Award Gold tanihata

iF Design Award 2017 Gold Medal

As one of the most prestigious design awards.

The Prime Minister’s Award for Shoinshoji

Prime Minister's Award Shoinshoji
Material wood: Kiso Cypress, Jindai Cedar, Akita Cedar

Prime Minister's Award high grade

Prime Minister's Award tanihata

The Prime Minister’s Award for Shoinshoji, 1977

This decorative sliding door for a traditional Japanese room (see picture above), costing around 5 million yen, was created some years ago. Demanding all our knowledge and skill, it took a year to complete. We have not assembled such an intricate piece since because hand-made glass and the use of tweezers are required for such detailed work.

At the time we created this piece entirely by hand, whereas now machinery is used for some of the processing. Unfortunately, the photo does not do justice to the fine detailed workmanship.

Good Design Award for Kumiko Screen

Good Design Award Kumiko Screen
Kumiko Screen partition
Good Design Award Kumiko tanihata

Good Design Award 2001 for Kumiko Screen

For our Kumiko Screen, we received Good Design Award in 2001, which is given to the product with a good design.

2017iF Design Award Gold Medal
2015Design for Asia Awards Bronze Medal
2001Good Design Award
1977The Prime Minister’s Award

Kumiko Screen

Award kumiko