How to order

Tanihata’s Kumiko Ranma products are normally sold to construction companies.
As each product is custom designed to match individual specifications, we only accept orders from BtoB businesses.
If you are an private customer, please contact your local design office, designer, or installer for assistance.
We currently have distributors in New York, London, and Sydney, though we are also able to provide our services to other regions on request.

・Request a estimation of cost
・Request catalogs
・Request samples
・CAD data


We begin production after receiving your order. We accept payment either by credit card or bank transfer. We will start production only after payment is confirmed.

– Bank transfer

We will send you the invoice. Please pay by the due date.

[Bank Information]
Beneficiary Bank Name/ The Hokuriku Bank,LTD.
Branch Name / Okuda Branch
Beneficiary Bank Addres / 40-10 eirakucho,Toyamashi, Toyama Japan 930-0853
Beneficiary Account Number/115-4405390

Please bear the bank transfer fee at your own expense.

– PayPal

You will receive an invoice email from PayPal. Please follow the PayPal instructions for payment.


We ship our products by UPS, DHL, or other available shipping companies.
Please note that shipping is not available in some areas.
We are not responsible for the payment of any customs duties or consumption tax on imports.

We will send you a quote according to the area and the size of the items.


In some countries, wooden products cannot be imported. Please check the local regulations in your area to ensure that you can import our products before placing an order.
Our products are unfumigated wooden products.
Our products contain no pests, but there may still be problems with customs clearance due to quarantine issues.

Terms of Service

As Kumiko products are very delicate and easily damaged, please check for dents or damage which may have occurred during shipping as soon as you receive the product.
If there are any problems upon arrival, or in the case that you receive a defective product or a different product to what you have ordered, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
We may not be able to respond to your request if we are not informed of defective item issues until some time has passed after delivery.
As these products are build-to-order, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer mismeasurements or other issues which are not the fault of our company.