Asanoha Chirashi

Theme of Asanoha Chirashi is Japanese beauty and nature among four seasons and every wonders.
The series is gorgeous and transparent with variety of colors from natural woods and Asanoha patterns to express Japanese sense of loving fleeting moments of cherry blossoms just before falling.

36designs and 3 types are available.

Click here to see the 18 new designs of the “Asanoha chirashi series” to be released in February 2024.

麻の葉ちらし タニハタ
麻の葉ちらし イメージ写真 日本の自然
組子 麻の葉ちらし

Asanoha Chirashi 36 different designs × 3 types

There are 3 different types of Asanoha Chirashi series with variety of patterns and woods.

組子 麻の葉ちらし
TAAsanoha, Kawari asanoha, Yae asanohaJapanese cypress, Japanese cedar,
Jindai cedar
TBAsanoha, YaeasanohaJapanese cypress, Japanese cedar
TCAsanohaJapanese cypress, Japanese cedar
組子 麻の葉

AC-101~AC-218 are same price

Type TA Price per a panel: 750×1500mm(Min)¥295,000 ~ 1200×2400mm(Max)¥753,000

Type TB Price per a panel : 750×1500mm(Min)¥258,000 ~ 1200×2400mm(Max)¥659,000

Type TC Price per a panel: 750×1500mm(Min)¥184,000 ~ 1200×2400mm(Max)¥471,000

To fit the size, we will cut away part of the design. If you want to incorporate the Asanoha Chirashi design series, we will make it as an abstract “Art Kumiko.”

麻の葉ちらし タニハタ 組子 リビング
麻の葉ちらし 組子 3種
Chigiregumo TA, TB, TC
桜ぼんぼり 麻の葉ちらし 組子
Sakura bonbori
桜ぼんぼり 麻の葉ちらし 組子
麻の葉ちらし 影 組子細工
麻の葉ちらし 組子 絵画
麻の葉ちらし 木かげ 組子